Stops & steps on Hero’s journey

Men's retreat with ivan Verny 1 - 8 November

In the middle
of the journey of my life
I found myself within a dark wood
where the true way was wholly lost”
Dante Alighieri

Your High or your Low Dreams give you some direction.
Crises, symptoms, (temporary) success give you orientation if you are on track or they challenge you to reflect your Call.We’ll look at Parsifal and his Quest for the Grail. How has your Quest been going on? What can we learn from the old myth for our times?Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who could you be? What could be your Mission?
And this year I would like to focus our attention on our addictive tendencies. On one hand as detours from Hero’s path on the other hand they hide what our inner heroes are yearning for. Which could point us to the Grail ;-)

These and other questions could be a red thread for our meditative, creative, adventurous and sometimes challenging week. We’ll be fasting for 5-days and slowly build up our food. We’ll look at options for the next steps on your journey using morning exercise, meditation, body awareness, imagination, role play and other creative techniques to come to senses and touch the essence.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and be part of your story & life path and hope to be able to touch the zest of your existence.
— Iván Verny

Ivan Verny is 66, psychiatrist, processoriented psychotherapist, husband & colleague of a great lady & father of two adult daughters. Over 30 years of seminar leadership (self-experiential, System Constellation Work, Processwork & Men’s Retreats) in CH, CZ, D, GR, IL & USA. He has been continually exploring male & mixed relationships, movement and the art of living. He is curious & passionate about communication, friendship, skiing, gentle sports and life long learning.



The program of the retreat will revolve around “male issues” and every day has a structure:

  • Stretching or dynamic Yoga & Qi Gong followed by

  • Morning meditation

  • Tea - all day long.

  • Morning block - topic of the day &/or body work / experimental exercises

  • A long midday-break

  • Afternoon block - centered on creativity (painting, sculpturing, writing, dancing), voice work, body symptoms or work in the middle on personal issues. We’ll need paper, crayons & clay.

  • Evenings: massage, shamanic drumming, movies, ev. music & singing, movies


Male issues can be how do you define yourself as a man.

  • Addictions and addictive tendencies

  • Power & impotence (or powerlessness) vs. machismo & violence

  • Heart & Cojones

  • love – duty – performance

  • useful & useless role models

  • Male Archetypes


We will be fasting the first 5 days – then slowly start eating. Nobody needs to suffer hunger in my retreat. Drink plenty of tea through the day and cleanse our bowel every other day to prevent uninvited symptoms.






  • Please start looking / listening & hunting for stories, songs, fairy tales from your childhood and youth; stories that fascinated or even scared you, stories about your male ancestors, about gains and losses and other bends of life. 


  • Try to remember or ask your parents or siblings what books, movies, TV-serials or records were fascinating you before school, in early adolescence, early adulthood (20ies), towards the end of your studies (+/-28), as you were or are speeding up your life (more work, less time, ca. 35 yrs). Dig out photographs from different stages of your life, and maybe even pictures of your male ancestors or models. 


  • It’s important to know that a 6-day-fast is an integral part of my men’s retreats. It enables us to have more time and a to find a different kind of energy or atmosphere. I have over 20 years of fasting experience and i know ways how to stand a longer fast.







The group dynamics of an 8-day retreat combined with 5-day-fasting can be quite a demanding experience and with 30 years of experience of leading men’s retreats i like a thorough preparation. 

Every man has to be capable to keep a certain order and respect to himself, others and environment. Polemics or conflicts about given facts is a loss of energy that is needed for your personal development and could steal energy from other members of the group.

Every man is present in the group during the group blocks, even if he needs to take a nap. You’ll have a 3hr-midday-break for introversion.

If you can accept such basic rules, send the questionnaire with your answers, notes &/or questions to:


You can also write there if you need further information, clarification, etc.

Get a diary now - I recommend you to write a “log book” of your quest from now on .




Practical information



We will stay at "Es Canaló", a house in Menorca, the accommodation will be in shared rooms.

In the map at the right you have how to get there. the house is at Menorca’s South coast.

Times & Dates:

From November 1th till Nov. 8th, the retreat open on the 1th at 16h (Wellcome and Reception of participants from 16h to 18h) and ends the 8th at 13h.



We try to make the retreat affordable for all people. As participant you contribute to that paying the higher price that you can afford. Price include food and accommodation from the 1th at night to the 8th in the morning.

Price 1: 750€

Price 2: 550€

Price 3: 450€


The retreat will be in english with translation to spanish


What to bring:

Confortable clothes, a notebook, pen, pencils, crayons.

Bring a bow & arrows if you own some, if you have boxing gloves let me know and bring them as well. Any board or ball game is welcome. As is your music instrument and music & movies on electronic carriers.